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Reel 364 A

Published July 1963

Raw news footage originally shot by staff of the Baltimore, Maryland station WMAR-TV (Channel 2), dating to July 1963.

1. Unknown man: “emergency request of the mayor and city council of Cambridge to call out the state militia. Governor Tawes met…with the Attorney General of the state, Colonel Jerry Tarmundson…to discuss conditions in Cambridge and Dorchester county.  Following …with these leaders…the Governor instructed General Record to order to active duty the Maryland national guard…as necessary to cope with the situation in Cambridge Maryland”
2. School Construction; sign “Johnston Square Elementary School…J. Harold Grady,” views of construction, long views with neighborhood in background; workers among construction workers
3. Police Station; crowd outside police station, cop on duty; men walk from station, followed by group of women, who pose for camera, smiling – Baltimore County police station
4. Bank Robbery; exterior Citizen’s Bank various views citizens bank, interior with men inspecting vault; tellers conversing
5. Vandalism; Exterior large public school, close-up windows with broken glass
6. Truck Accident; Truck overturned by side of road, various views; men inspecting damage, looks like rural area
7. Desegregation of Gwynn Oak Park; Agnew in office with others. Interviewed in panel, Mr. James and Mr. Price re: Gwynn Oak Park “we had cordial discussions regarding all phases of the problem, the legal, the economic and the ideological….indeed it does, it was very fairly stated”
8. Tax Hike; unknown man (possibly Goldstien) speaks to camera regarding raising sales and income taxes, editorial comment against raising taxes “this area…already overtaxed…to add one percent on both these…taxes would put us at the very top of the heap in this country…”
9. Parade, Miss Towson in convertible, military band passes public building, close-ups bands marching by, bagpipe corps, majorettes with batons doing routine
10. Ceremony, sound on film of ringing bell and applause; McKeldin speaking to crowd, close-up
11. Man lacing sport shoe; group of men in golf shirts posing; man with four football players; players run towards camera; interior classroom with football field diagram on chalkboard; 
12. Ceremony; chorus and big band seated on stands; men front stands receive diplomas in line and shake hands; medium shot of band playing
13. McKeldin “I have been asked if I am a candidate for vice president.  I am not a candidate for vice president.  I am a candidate for no other office.  I am the Mayor of Baltimore and all of my time, all of my energy, and all of my thoughts are with this job…”
14. Counterfeit Coins; close-up hand dispersing pennies on desk; man speaks to camera “in the past several weeks…coin changing machines principally located at laundromats in the Baltimore area.  The passing of these slugs in this manner is in violation of a federal statute which carries a penalty of one year imprisonment, one thousand dollar fine, or both.”
15. Downtown Parking; Exterior, wide shot of parking lot downtown, First National Bank in background; No Parking sign; views of street lined with parked cards, sign says “reserved for probation dept”
16. Tax Hike; editorial “it isn’t fair that the man who has been bearing the burden shall have to get this added burden when other people who haven’t been giving their fair share can get away without paying their fair share…I intend to do everything I can to oppose it.”
17. Young man and woman looking out window with others and waving; various views
18. Fire; Exterior large brick building; firefighters climbing ladders, various views crowd gathered
19. Demonstration; GSA PBS BMD buildings manager “Outlaw McCarranism“, “Limiting Freedom”, “End McCarran Registration Act” “Condemn Government Thought Control Tactics”  man crosses picket line and smiles; various views of protesters
20. Swearing-In Ceremony; McKeldin swearing in men before audience, who applaud; various views interior of hearing room
21. Man Arrested; unknown man being led from building in handcuffs, cops escort him to police van, they ride away 
22. Rotary Club banquet; sign “hear Ted McKeldin 4th of July at the park” McKeldin holds up sign
23. (possibly Demonstration) interior large room with young men and women seated, playing checkers; they’re talking casually and smiling among themselves
24. Traffic outside town, heavy
25. Fair Employment; Parren Mitchell: “certainly with the amount of money being spent…we want to ensure that Negroes will be adequately represented in the labor force.  For this reason yesterday the Maryland commission appointment Mr. Rogers and myself to talk with Mr. Nolte to insure that …both skilled and unskilled workers will be used in the construction of the exhibit.  Number two, to ensure that colored citizens will be used as a part of the permanent staff, as in typing positions and all other positions open as a part of Maryland’s participation in the fair…we will talk with Mr. Nolte in an effort to ensure that this kind of fair employment for Negroes will be publicized so that Negroes will able to apply as quickly as the positions are opened.” 
26. New Building; Mayor McKeldin looking at architectural drawing of modern building with man looking on; group of men and mayor pose with drawing in mayor’s office
27. Desegregation of Gwynn Oak Park; Agnew at table with large group; outside office man walks and talks with priest; woman enters, man speaks “we are not going to make any comment on Cambridge at this time…we did not discuss the Gwynn Oaks issue…(slug)…”he has taken all of these things under consideration  and we are hopeful that we will hear in the very near future as regards to the suggestions…no no time limit he said.”
28. Desegregation (possibly Gwynn Oak Park); Group outside being interviewed.  Reporter asks “Rev. Newbold, why did you reject the Price brothers…” (slug) group of men “that’s correct.  For example we know what happened on the … that it was virtually a nightly occurrence that the police and police dogs met riotous groups that were attempting integration and it did not work out.  We do not wish to be adamant in view of the factor of public safety and welfare.” “but you did agree to integrate next April?” “yes.”

Producer WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: BonnieSmith - - May 9, 2014
Subject: 4. Bank Robbery Details
I inverted the negative video and got the details on it.
Pretty big deal at the time.
Eventually 8 men and 3 women were indicted for the
Rick Smith

July 9, 1963
OXON HILL, Md. (AP)—Five armed bandits robbed a branch of the Citizens Bank of Maryland
Monday of an estimated $100,000 in a daylight holdup and escaped by stolen car into adjoining Washington, D.C.
Armed with a shotgun and revolvers, four of the men entered the store-front bank at 4891 Indian Head Road in the Eastover Shopping Center about 10:30 a.m., EDT, when the place was active with six tellers and 19 customers.

While the fifth man remained outside on the parking lot at the wheel of the getaway car, the four inside went about the robbery in a businesslike fashion. They wore long black gloves and the one who acted as leader puffed away on a big cigar. All were Negroes.

Two of the gunmen stationed themselves inside on either side of the entrance and trained the sawed-off shotgun and a pistol on customers and bank employees while the other two went from teller to teller collecting the cash. They also forced a bank employee to open the vault and lead them inside.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said a swift audit after the holdup indicated the bandits got
$95,477.96, plus the unopened night depository receipts which might run the final figure well over $100,000. An earlier estimate had placed the haul at only about $75,000.

The gunmen escaped in a 1962 white Chevrolet Impala sedan which earlier had been reported stolen in Northeast Washington. District of Columbia police recovered the car within an hour after the robbery, finding it abandoned on the Anacostia Parkway. One of the bandits, police said, had equipped himself with a zippered hiding place for the shotgun. As he walked into the bank he unzipped his trouser leg from
the pocket down and drew out the stubby weapon. Two others drew pistols.

"Stand still," the leader told the employees and customers. "Keep your hands down. Don't do anything to attract attention." The key to the vault was obtained by the gunmen from a clerk, John Capossela, according to Prince Georges County Police Lt. Richard Pearson.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon, Oxon Hill, said she walked inside the bank at the height of the holdup. "A man's voice told me in firm tones to get to the center of the floor," she said. "I decided to do as I was told.
The men were polite but firm. As they were leaving, one of them turned and said to us, 'Thank you
very much for your cooperation.'"

As the first of the bandits strode out of the bank, the waiting car drove up. Police issued a 13-state lookout for the four men who entered the bank but not for the driver.
One was described as 40 to 45, 5 feet 8, slender, wearing a felt hat, a dark suit jacket, no tie and a hearing aid in his left ear. Another was 30 to 40, about 5 feet 10, wearing a khaki shirt and trousers with a zipper at the right side of the pants and sleeves cut off at the elbow.
The third man was 28 to 30 and the fourth was about 35. The latter two wore work clothes.

Dec. 7, 1963
Eight Are Indicted For Oxon Hill Bank Theft

BALTIMORE (AP) — A federal grand jury indicted eight
men and three women Thursday on charges of conspiring
to execute the $130.000 robbery of the Citizens Bank
of Maryland at Oxon Hill, Md., last July 8.
Charged in the indictment were the following:

Warren Arthur Sims, 39, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Roger John Ugaro, 24, Orange, N.J.

Ervin Roland Hayes Ghee, 33, East Orange, N.J.

Harry Goody Jr., 30, New York City.

James C. Ross, 34, East Orange, N.J.

Miss Bertha J. Watts, 30, arrested in Washington.

Andrew Chappell Jr., 27, Paterson, N.J.

James D. Davis, 29, Rockville, Md.

Mrs. Francis Davis, 26, his wife, Rockviile, Md.

John Kent Smith, 42, Washington, D.C.

Miss Rosemary Spoon, 20, Rockville, Md.
the only white person involved

Warren Arthur Sims - 42 years

Roger John Ugaro - 18 years

Ervin Roland Hayes Ghee - 42 years

Harry Goody Jr. - 42 years

James C. Ross - 24 years

Miss Bertha J. Watts - 14 years

Andrew Chappell Jr. - 5 years

James D. Davis - 24 years

Mrs. Francis Davis - 5 years

John Kent Smith - 15 years

Miss Rosemary Spoon - 3 years
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by WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)
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